Basic Tutus and  Overlays
Many ballet companies have experimented with overlays, but usually they are a temporary fix due to lack of budget or time.  They are often a simple plate (sits on top of the tutu skirt), flowers, drape, sleeve puffs, etc. -- which work fine for recitals.  However, complete productions like The Nutcracker, Coppelia, Swan Lake, or Sleeping Beauty require a more professional or finished look.  After so much has gone into choreography, rehearsals, backdrops, and theater costs you wouldn't want to bring the level of artistry down with inferior costumes.  But, you can't spend $450. to $800. each on custom tutus.  So, we have come up with several design solutions that give you the look of a whole new custom tutu-- but at a fraction of the cost.  With a little creative planning over a few years, you will be astounded at how much money you can save (see cost comparison page)!

Swan Lake in May transforms to Snow in December with an overlay!