How To Order 
(the short version)

  • Once you have your ideas refined and know what you need, email a completed "Request and Information Form" or call with description, number of costumes, price range to stay close to, and date you need them sent.  We can discuss fabrics, colors, trims, etc.
  • Or, if you don't know what you want just tell me about the piece-- what music? classical or contemporary? mood or feel of the piece...  Then I will come up with some designs to choose from or refine.
  • I will email rough estimate, final drawing, and amount needed for deposit.
  • Deposit will be 50% of estimate if under $1500. or divided into 3 payments if higher.
  • Mail or email measurements, final #s, with deposit.
  • And, we'll get busy creating your masterpiece!
  • I can send pictures by phone of a prototype if it's a group order (fabric choices too).
  • Costumes will be mailed via UPS or USPS by the date requested.
  • Final billing will include shipping/handling charges and will be emailed.
  • Enjoy your performances!

Detailed Custom Costume Process / Agreement

1.  Request by email or phone your ideas of costume design and specific needs (#, style of piece, colors, fabric options, due date, etc.).  Or you may complete the “Costume Request and Information” form on the Tutu Art website.

2.  I will email a sketch (or more to choose from) for your approval.  This will include an estimate, but not a firm bid.  Cost will always vary a bit depending on the materials available and the actual time it takes to complete the project.  I will always make every effort to keep it close to the estimate and be as inexpensive as possible without compromising quality.

3.  I must have the final details (Information Form) solidified and deposit received before I can order supplies.  The deposit will be 50% of the estimate.  Just send check made out to Lisa Clements to:      
1976 E. Knolls Dr.
St. George, Utah 84790
If the estimate is over $1500., we can start with 1/3 of the estimate.  The next 1/3 is due the following month and the final billing done after completion and shipment.

Steps 1-3 usually take at least a week.

4. At this point I search for fabric and trims and order.  I will usually receive them in 
5-7 business days (be aware that holidays don‘t count), depending on the supplier‘s location and their processing time.  If we need to order samples or match fabrics, this step will take up to 12 business days.  Anything that is  backordered is usually an additional 3 weeks.  In these cases I will call you to make sure timing will still work before submitting the order.  Of course if I happen to have what we need in stock, I get started right away. :}

5.  Actual construction time of course depends on the order…  I can work up to 30 hours a week and will hire subcontractors when needed.  So, for example I could do 2 professional tutus per week, or complete an order roughly around $800.

6.  Changes in the number of costumes, color, embellishments, added headpieces, etc. may require extra time.  If the number of costumes are reduced after final approval, you may be required to pay for what was purchased and/ or sewn up to that point.  In some cases I can just keep it as stock without cost to you.

7.   Unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances (hurricane, holiday back orders, lost packages, etc.) can also affect the timeline.  In such cases I will do anything I can to keep your order on track, but I cannot be held responsible.

8.  When the project is completed I will mail it via UPS or USPS priority and include insurance and deliver confirmation.  This usually takes 1-3 business days for delivery to the western United States, or 4-6 business days or eastern U.S.  If you have a preference on shipping, let me know.  Overnight or second day is also an option, but will be more expensive for you.

9.  I will send a final bill which includes supplies, labor, and shipping via email.  The balance is due upon receipt.

10.  If you need a shorter timeline than listed, we can often find a way to do it.  If such a case is approved and begun it is understood that you may need to pay extra for expedited shipping.  

11.  Please allow 2 months or more (much appreciated!) for Nutcracker or recital season (March- May) orders over $1000.

12.  I have always done whatever is necessary to meet deadlines, but if  I don’t (due to my negligence- not any of the reasons listed above), I will reduce the final bill 10% each day that it is late.

13.  I appreciate professional pictures of my work, and do not always have the opportunity to do them before the costumes get sent off.  So, if you send me a copy that I use on my website, I will credit your next order $25.! 

14.  There are a few ways to save money on your order if you have the time.  You could search for the fabrics and trims you like either online or locally.  However, we must make sure they are suitable and amounts are correct before purchasing.   This alone could save me many hours of searching which have to be accounted for.  It is also very helpful to initially show me a link to pictures of what you like or have in mind as it reduces design time.  But keep in mind, I won’t copy someone else’s design exactly. In some cases, we can also leave some of the embellishing  (crystals, etc.) for your volunteers to do (just, please, make sure they are good at it).