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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.   How do the overlays attach to the basic tutus?
     A.  Usually they are hand tacked onto the tutus with large stitches.  Often companies will have moms or volunteers that do this.  We can also put hooks on the overlays to close independently.  I have also made stretch overlays that just pull on (best over a lycra tutu).
Q.   How do you get the tutus to fit well without fitting the dancers?
     A.  This is why it is so important to take accurate and complete measurements.  Also, I usually finish the upper edge of the bodices with elastic to prevent gapping.  When possible I make the basque area overlay from stretch fabrics so that it hugs tight to the tutu.
Q.   Do you recommend overlays for the soloists as well?
      A.   In most cases no, since they are usually partnered and have to be ultra strong and secure.  However, we have done a complete bodice and overlay w/out the tutu skirt, and then the customer just sews it securely it to a practice tutu-- that should work well.