Themed recitals can be really fun and innovative!

Peter Pan!
Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Smee, Tinkerbell, John, Michael, TigerLilly, Peter Pan's ShadowPeter Pan mermaids and water dresses

Tinkerbell and her Pixie friends, Fairies

Tinkerbell tutuPeter Pan Indians, Lost Boys, Pirates

Snow White

Snow White dress with capeSnow White dress, peasant dressEvil Queen

Prince tunic with sleeves and capespirit of the mirror

Alice in Wonderland



 Little Mermaid and Under the Sea 

(sorry not all of the pictures are good quality)
Alice in Wonderland
"TeapotsBeesBirdsmiceBirthday Cakes
RabbitsButterfliesCheshire CatsFlowersMushrooms